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The most important part of teaching any student is that he must focus on the teacher if he expects to learn. In retriever training, a dog must learn that he can have what he wants if he does what you want.  “THE GAME” teaches focus, how to develop the “on-off” switch, and how to have a dog perform well while in a peak level of excitement.  Any dog can obey commands when he is at a low level of excitement and is operating out of fear.  But, don’t we need a dog that will perform while in his most excitable state?  When you are at a competition or when a flock of mallards are coming in to your decoys and everyone is shooting, or when guests come to your house …. That’s when you need obedience and control and peak performance.  This video outlines the process of achieving focus and peak performance under the most exciting conditions, and teaches you how to create the peak state in your dog in an instant.  Jim Wegner has mastered this process and has made every step clear and precise … an essential component of creating a masterpiece in dog training.

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The Game $79.00 USD
Due Now $79.00 USD